Impunity (Diamond) is looking for 1

Impunity is looking for 1 member.

We are a tight knit group and we want to keep the clan at 15 people max. We've never lost a clan war and that's all we care about. You must be on when the Diamond Clan War starts. We don't care what your K/D is. We care about your win % (if you win, the K/D will come). We are currently looking for 1 member to come on real soon and help us in our first Diamond Division clan war that starts on Friday Feb 21st. Do not hit me up if you cannot make the Diamond Division time schedule (Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7-11pm).

If you tell me you can make the times and then it turns out midway through the war you can't, I'll drop you before it's over so you can't get credit. We are looking for competitors and people who put winning over K/D.

Hit me up on XBOX One My GT: Face PhD


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a phd but can't read the sticky top of the page

I knew university was a joke.

Ive played against the OP before and probably his clan. The name looks very familier. OP- Do you live in the Central Time Zone, USA? Gulf Coast here, and I have been in several lobbies with you, I think, so I am guessing you live "near" me or my area. Anywho, clan info is in the "sticky". First or second thread in these forums.

[quote user="Face PhD"]

Impunity is looking for 1 member.


Funny, we're looking for 1 person to actually read and follow the instructions in the sticky thread at the top of this forum. GTFO.


insults are very helpful

STICKY THREADS are helpful. What isn't helpful is someone posting something that clearly shouldn't be in this forum if they had taken the time to read said STICKY THREAD. Also it would have avoided any insults.