Improving animal variety with limited zoo space

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I've had a google around, and I can't seem to find any information about how to improve my animal variety rating, considering the limited zoo space. Is it that you need to have lots of animal variants (e.g. albino bonobo etc), or is it simply range of animal species in the zoo? I feel like I've tried everything, but it's still in the red!

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I too am having an issue with Animal Variety.  I'm on the last scenario of the campaign mode (the one in Japan) and even though I have 35 animals of various types I still only have a 40-50% rating in animal variety.  I have to get that higher so that I can complete the scenario.  Does anyone know specifically what is used to calculate animal variety?  I don't understand when I have at least one species of every one of the "Big exhibit" animals and a multitude of the miniexhibit animals how animal variety can be low.

The guests are WAY too demanding and it needs to be patched. Trust me, it is impossible to satisfy them! My animal variety is always in the red and makes it so everything else needs to be almost maxed out in order to keep their overall happiness in the green. It doesn't matter how many animal types you have because it constantly drops. You would have to constantly switch out your animals almost immediately but even that won't work. They need to change it so the bar stays where it is and each animal type satisfies them more, otherwise there is nothing we can do.

Reading the forum It seems there’s a lot of people struggling to get level 40 due the zoo limit so let me write a short guide.

(I agree the zoo limit is a pain in free mode but I think it must be there in challenge or campaign otherwise there won’t be a challenge at all!)

The most important thing to do is to build only SMALL cages and some small habitats as well.

Every cage must have 3 animals (max out), choose always 3 different ones.

Keep building the zoo trying to satisfy the needs of animals and guests till you reach approximately level 30: you should have no problem at all till this point.

Now it’s time to “change” almost all animals you have in your cages with other with higher fame value: all animals come with a fame value that increases while the animal level raises.

The higher the fame value the higher is the guests happiness.

So just changing your animals with new ones (after have researched them) you will increase tremendously zoo total value.

When you will reach about level 35 you will start struggling to keep food, decorations, toilets and other values in the green zone.

For that moment you will have a LOT of money you can’t simply spend due the zoo limit, so what to do?

Simply go to main entrance and put the entrance price to FREE.

Go to every shop you have and change the price to LOW.

Do the same whith toilets.

(you still get so much money from your shops you won’t be able to spend them anyway)

Check the guests needs after these changes and you will find them ALL GREEN.

Now reachin' level 40 is just a matter of time.

Using these steps I got to level 41 in 3 or 4 hours of playing and have about 2 million “dollars”.

I have tried that.  All my habitats are small.  With 3 different compatible species in each.  I have every mini habitat too with as much variety as the species allow in each enclosure.

Still when I ping i'm at orange and red for variety.  Eveyrthing else is green.  Level 40 zoo.

Ridiculous.  My first challenge zoo is to get it to a world class zoo.  Nothing triggers a win.

3 days playing one challenge is not fun.  I completed about 10 of the campaign mode no problem.  

I think i'm done if they don't patch this game.

I had a problem with the last campaign too. When you have all of the other guest needs met just lower the admission price to free and all of the guest expectations drop. CAMPAIGN COMPLETE!

Wish they would of gave us a patch to let us expand more.  Maxing the zoo out first day bummed me out.  Been a while since I played this as well.  But so many other games coming out this winter.

Hi all,hope this helps as I'm just almost finished with the breeding of every animal and colour variant with on a couple of lions and rhino's to do,I've been level forty for a while though which you sent too hard to reach,all I did was breed each animal variety and their colour variant checking which habits they were best suited for and keeping only the endagengered critically endangered or extinct animals  with a colour variant then move on to the next species until it gets a bit tougher having to properly manage which animal your breeding but is more systematic than problematic,best advice is to not be held ransom for food or decoration,do the supply runs which grant a minus need bonus for food then when they get bored build an entertainment concession to earn the money and just destroy it straight away,PS I've got 24.8 million credits at

Level forty and at one point my gust population was 65000 till I needed more room for the giraffes so destroyed all decoration an toilets except 2 each and put all prices up until all bars went green for guest happiness and stayed at a consistent

Level with my animal variety maxed out,I will work on increasing my population when I finally get the achievement for breeding everything, also keep track with pictures in your album and zoopedia animal pages on the pause screen,hope some of this helps please those cheap *** guests lol,brilliant game just Cain ye breeding part and then u can choose if u wanna mix em up but be careful check habitat compatibility and save very often lol or multiple saves like I did after doing all the campaign,don't know where my gold statues and fountain rewards are though I got one gold zoo keep statue an a few white ones