Improved Online Functionality

Well I must say, this new patch has surely changed things for this game for me. For the better too.

It has become MUCH easier to summon a specific person.

A friend of mines just got the game a few days ago. And I decided to make a new character. Since I've gotten the white soap stone, we've been doing co-op in every zone, one by one. First i'd summon him, and we'd go through the zone and when we beat the boss. Then we'd go to the beginning, and he'd summon me, and wed do it again. And we did this over the course of a few days and now we're at the dreaded blight town.

I DON'T like blight town, this is the one zone where we WONT be doing it twice. I'll join his game so he can g through it once, and then id summon him to my game and we doing the shortcut to the boss.

But man, now that the new patch has been released, summoning has been much easier. I'd throw my sign, he see it, and someone it would fail, but after a couple tries, it'll work, and most of the time, its work on the first try. That online featires have been improved. 


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Co-op works, but PvP is still a laggy joke.

I am still having issues summoning people into my games it keeps saying summoning failed most of the time, sometimes it works, but I can be summoned into other peoples worlds no problem.

well, you never know if someone is summoning you are not until your actually in the their game. Most of the time, people be trying to summon you and it keeps failing and you never know. But now you can at least see more signs on the ground, thats a great improvement. We just need dedicated servers for this game to be at its best.

Yeah, right now it's at global PvP and I get matched with people ridiculously far away, like overseas far away.


I joined the way of white covenant yesterday and that was a mistake. I could see tons of signs on the ground and when I joined there are none and a barely get summoned. I guess there aren't as much people in the covenant as I thought there were.