Improve Olympia reload

The Olympia is a fun shotgun to use in this game however it has a rather large problem with it.

Upon emptying both chambers, you are forced to reload both chambers before being able to fire again.

You cannot just load one shell and then fire again.

I really think that they should allow one shell to be loaded and allow the player to fire upon the shell being loaded.


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I use SoH, problem solved. I have more fun with the Stakeout though.

Just squeeze off two shots at a time, problem solved.

I respect people who can do well with the Olympia. My reaction time is way to slow to use that thing. I like to spray with the suppressed Spas. They don't know where it's coming from until too late. Usually.

  Olympia is probably my second favorite shotgun, but I never noticed what you are talking about. Are you saying you cant stop the reload once it starts?   Because I thought I have reloaded after one shot before ...... I could be wrong.

    I prefer the spas ......... less range but I swear the thing has unlimited ammo sometimes. Its usually a one shotter, but if someone surprises me from behind, I can spin and spray it almost like an ar.

That is what SOH is for. I never had a problem with the olympia and its my MOST used shotgun. By far my favorite.