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So i'm nearing the end of the game, enjoyed most of it. Only dislike I can really say is having some collector cards that you can miss, and that is actually it. A bit more customisation would be nice, however i think the difficulty is just right and there is never a dull moment. A*


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I'm really liking it.  In fact, I haven't played anything else since I got it.  If I was disappointed, I'd stop playing and either shelve it or sell it.  Why people dislike a game and keep playing it, is like rubbing salt on a sore.  I just don't get that.  The mini games and package deliveries, I suck at those but that's me.  I'm looking forward to playing some co-op with a friend soon.

The only thing I don't like is that once you beat the game you can not go back into the same and finish any side missions or dlc content. Other than that the game is great. Now to start over, on nightmare, and get ALL the side missions and dlc done before I beat the game...