Impossible Mission

Look at the last two rows in your achievements.....just added last update!!!! Probably pertains to the Impossible Mission????


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Achievements added are for the Raam's Shadow DLC coming out Dec 13th

She is saying IT COULD also pertain to the Impossible Mission.

Rod from Epic tweeted yesterday that today we will find out the details on the Impossible Mission today sometime.

Someone in another thread stated that it is being delayed (its epic cmon) and they will announce it tomorrow.

Right they said it was delayed yesterday and it will be given out today. Do you want me to repost Rods tweet from yesterday?

Oh really? My bad. I saw it today so I assumed it was posted today. Alright cool!

no worries it happens man.

^LOL thats the guy in the other thread that was like "OMG THATS OLD NEWS!!!112234!one!!21" and then he fails miserably here.

Hey guys come to find out that Rod just said it won't be until Tuesday now.