Impossible / Hard. - Classic / Pure modes

What achievement do you unlock on impossible mode, or what's the difference between impossible and hard (if any besides difficulty). Also what's Classic and pure survival difference Thanks!!!

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Pure survival and Classic are both set on hard difficulty.

Pure Surv - must build all supplies (ammo, med kits, etc)

Classic - solo only, no customizable weapons (except circuits), classic aiming mode

Both are set on hard difficulty

impossible and hard? you just get some different circuits I believe... not sure - look at the "progress and unlocks" section of the pause menu for more information

Classic mode completion give you the best weapon in Dead Space history, the giant foam hand ! They call it the Devil's Finger.

Bang, bang,bang then Pew, pew,pew and an air guitar solo to reload. What could be better ? (And it's one shot, one kill)

I found I really liked the classic mode, simply because it was just that, classic with the basic weapons.  However, if you have the preoder bonus, you can still play with the Evangelizer dual weapon which helped out a lot.

I love that foam hand. I think if we cleared Dead Space 2 and earned it then they should have a mode where we can use it right from the beginning without earning any achievements or anything just for fun.

i wish we can use the devils hand in hard core mode. i tried doing hard core in dead space 2. i gave up. it would have been better if we could have kept are upgrades for hard core in dead space 2. i don't feel like losing hours of gameplay because i got pinned against a wall by a bunch of necros, or got grabed from behind by a necro. i can't imagine someone making it to the last boss and get killed with one hit left on the last boss.

Hardcore isn't that bad, really. If you have a buddy to play with, it makes it less stressful since you can watch each other closely. Don't waste time with side missions and you'll get it done even quicker. It can still be pretty intense a few times, though.

Yeah Hardcore isn't really that tough. My main gun was the plasma cutter for awhile then I upgraded to a chain gun with a rocket launcher and just mowed enemies down. The last boss isn't hard at all.

Did Hardcore on my own. Overall I thought it was fun. Going through Classic now, and I think it's easier than Hardcore. Survival I did with a friend, and that was truly a piece of cake. Although had far less health packs.