Importing Songs from Rock Band 2 Not Working!

Before anyone suggests posting this on Rock Band's forums or asking EA support about it... I already have numerous times.

I think this has to do with the newest Xbox Live Update or SOMETHING on the Xbox's end, as i've heard it's still working great on PS3 and Wii.

Anyways, the issue is when I go to Redeem Code in Rock Band 3 to input my Rock Band 2 import code, once I type it in, it does not work... In fact, it doesn't even attempt to try and work. It instantly gives you this error after typing the code in and pressing "start" on the controller to submit it:

"Sorry there was an error during token redemption. Please try again later."


It has been like this for at least a week now... Can somebody on Microsoft/Xbox's end, please fix the problem or at least give me a solution or something? The people at EA/Rock Band said that "they are working on it", but it shouldn't take that long to fix, and if it's on Microsoft's end, then they can't do much, anyways. I just want my dang songs imported!





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I have the exact same problem. Contacted EA without any help. And you may be right with a problem from the last Xbox Live Update.

I've also been having the same problem since Thursday.  I talked on Thursday to the EA / Harmonix support staff, and they said they had been having problems with only the xbox 360's with this and it was a server problem that should be resolved in a day or two.  I haven't looked yet today (I will try it again tonight), but it was definitely not working as of last night.  I hope they get it resolved soon.

It isn't working on my 360, I just tried it a few minutes ago.  I sure do hope they fix it soon.

Yeah, I really hope they get it fixed soon, as well.

It is becoming quite the nuisance.

Just letting you guys know as of around 4:30 P.M. yesterday, the issue has been rectified. Yayyyy for being able to redeem RB 2 codes again.

I don't know if it's totally fixed.  I tried playing today, and I couldn't find some of my RB2 songs in my library.  For example, Journey's "Any way you want it," wasn't there.

I just did my export a few days ago and it worked just fine. Make sure you go to the website code on the back of the manual and follow all the steps....they'll email you a code to use on your xbox. You don't use the code on the back of the manual on your xbox...

As for some of the songs not showing in Rock Band 3, there are some songs that can't be exported due to licensing agreements with the artists, Any Way You Want it is one of those songs.

I don't know if this should be obvious, but does the code on the back of the RB2 manual only work once?  Like, I'm thinking about buying 2 and 3 on ebay, but if I get them both, I'd want to be able to export the songs from 2.  If it's used, and the previous owner already exported, will I not be allowed to do it again?

Yes those codes only work once. I think you can buy a license pack separately, but I'm not sure. It is to prevent people from buying used copying just to export etc.

Yes, the codes are unique and can only be redeemed once. That's why it's recommended that you buy all Rock Band games new, so as you don't have any problems redeeming the codes to export the songs for future Rock Band games. =]

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