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I finished the first Dragon Age a long time ago, and finally decided to give DA2 a try. I tried to import my DA:O savegame, and it finds my game, but because I didn't save it at the very end,it says it can still import it, and fill in some blanks. So I select the most recent save game I have which is just before the final **** in DA:O, but once I select it, it won't let me go down to the "Start Game" option. I've tried anything and everything I can think of but regardless, I can't seem to have it import ANY of my save games. Is there something else I need to do or is there a known issue with importing games? Any help would be appreciated!


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I've imported several saves from Origins to the DLC and to DAII without issue.  However, all of my saves have been from the campsite and after the final battle.  Are you able to start DAII with a default story? If you can't, then you probably have some real issues.  If you can, then maybe you should throw Origins in, play the final battle and then save in camp.  I got no ideas past that.