importing Rockband 2 songs to Rockband 3

Does anyone KNow how to import the Rockband 2 songs to show up on the Rockband 3 music liberary?

I bought RB3 quite awhile ago. with RB2 we had to import the songs from RB1 to RB2 to have them on the set list of RB2 some of the somes I remember due to licensing were not able to transfer, I rememer just 3 or 4 songs. there was a code in the RB2 game package that allowed you to do this easily, I remember it still costed about 10 dollars.

I'm having the same issues with RB3 and RB2 only there was no code this time in the RB3 case to make this happen, I can't say exactly how many songs won't transfer from RB2 to RB3 but one that I know of is Everlong, Foo Fighters. I really love this song and hate to keep changing game discs to play it.


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Go to Rock Band 3. Go to Get More Music and click Enter Code. Enter the code that is on the back of the manual for Rock Band 2(formally the 20 free songs code)

All songs but Journey, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, and Soundgarden transfer. The bonus songs are not included in the transfer, however you can download all the bonus songs from the marketplace for free.

why am i being charged 800 microsoft points to do this?

Because so was everyone else.

Because you are paying to have roughly 60 songs put into Rock Band 3. 60 songs that Harmonix had to work hard and pay a lot to relicense so that could could have the option in the first place.

*** - if I paid for the RB2 game already and can play the songs by using my RB2 disc then why should I have to pay again just to be able to 'see' them and play them using my RB3 disc - which I also paid for.... lame as F

When you purchased Rock Band 2, you paid for the rights to those songs on that disc alone.  You didn't buy the songs for anything other than to be used in Rock Band 2.  To import those songs to another title Harmonix has to license the songs for Rock Band 3 (it costs them money), and they charge you to give you that option.  

Don't like that option, you can always put in Rock Band 2 when you want to play those songs.

guys,why does my game says the' offer is not available yet' ??/ WTFFFF

No idea @marikiedis9

Make sure that you are Rock Band 2 when you use the code

Unfortunately my RB2 disc's code was used already (pre-owned game).  Is there any chance I can buy another code?

anyway I can still get those 20 free rock band 2 songs in my rock band 3 game?

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