importing mass effect 2 charactor into mass effect 3

Hi,anyone else out there having this prpoblem too.I have played all mass effect games on my hard drive and had no problem doing mass eff 1 to mass eff 2.But when it comes to doing mass effect 2 to 3,I dont even get the option to import my what am I doing wrong.ANYONE SOLVED THIS PROBLEM.

Regards down an out mass effect player.


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Have you moved your ME2 save to the Cloud at all?


If so you'll have to move the save back to the hard drive and play through the Suicide Mission again. ME3 should then see it.

The fix is to replay the 'Suicide Mission' at the end of Mass Effect 2. Yes, it's a bit inconvenient, but it will fix your problem and allow your save to be imported into ME3. The problem is normally caused by a Save that's been moved to/from Cloud Storage.