Importing from Fable TLC possible?

I just finished playing Fable TLC (the actual disc version). And bought the Fable 2: Platinum Hits, which says on the box it comes with Knothole Island and See the Future. Can I import my save from Fable TLC to my Fable 2 game?


I have two other questions. One, is there no way to transfer my Fable TLC save file onto a USB drive? Because I like backing up my saves and I went to the Fable Profile file (that I'm assuming has all the save information) but it only gives me the option to delete it, not to Copy or Move it from my HDD storage to my USB storage.


And second, I've read in a couple of old (2008-2010) forums around the internet about Fable 2 causing hardware problems with their xbox 360s. I couldn't find any up to date information on this, or really anything conclusive, but is there any truth in this? Can the Fable game cause disc tray issues, freezings and hard ware issues? And if so, is it better to install the game onto the hard drive and play from there, or play from the disc? Which is safer, less likely to cause a future problem?


Thanks in advance for any info you can offer.


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Fable doesn't import anything from previous games. When you play Fable 2 it has it's own ending for the first game. The ending Fable 2 has is that the Hero of Oakvale chose to destroy the Sword of Aeons; he fought Jack of Blades in his Dragon form, and destroyed Jack's mask.

Also, the reason you can't transfer a save file to your USB is because original Xbox data is only allowed on your 360 Hard drive because the hard drive is required for the emulation software included on it to run the game.

Lastly, I haven't had any problems with Fable 2 on my Xbox but I don't play it with a disc anymore, I bought it in the Game Marketplace in Games on Demand.