Import save-file,or not...

Ive played both ME1 and ME2,imported the save-file from ME1 into ME2,but it felt like i was missing alot of things,like the game would give more if starting from scratch.

I know the characters that died in ME2 will be gone in ME3,but whatelse will be missing?

I bought both ME and ME2 when ME2 was like 1year old or something,i didnt think it was a game for me,but fell in love with it when finally decided to try it.

What do you Mass effect hardcore fans recommend,import or start a new game?

(and no,shephard didnt die for me ; )  )

Hope my english is readable,im from sweden...



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well no-one knows for sure but starting fresh in ME3 would mean you not seeing any of those characters from side-quests such as Conrad Verner.

If possible I would import a save. The choices the game makes by default on a brand new save are terrible. Can't say what they are without spoiling it. On a side note, whatever level you are in Mass Effect 2 carries over. So for example since my import was level 30 when I started ME3 I started at level 30 with 59 level up points.

What is it you think you are missing, you've already played the back story so what more do you think you should get?  Importing lets you continue a story arc you've been building up, to me that is the best part.

Well, some people claim to be missing a face, I agree that importing "is the best part", which is why, they'd better get on fixing the face issue...:-)

I recommend importing becuase it's more personal. It's your character not bioware's character and you feel more into the game.

import ... playthrought then start fresh on your 2nd play.. I did that with ME2... (it wasn't as fun for me ) ..

Import then!Thanks for the replies!

Im not much for re-playing games,i tried on both Skyrim and mass effect 2,but im loosing interest to fast...But i will give it a try =)