Impact players and introductions ?

I noticed the Impact players are always the same i wish they would change for certain games with the EAGLES its always DeSean Jackson for offense and Nnamdi Asomugha for Defense would be nice to say that Vick was the impact player once in awhile or LeSean McCoy for diff games and situations ...... also in my franchise Desean Jackson went down with a broken collarbone but in pregame player introductions when the offense was announced he still was announced even though he was out and Jeremy Maclin was standing there instead of him ahead of Vick not to much of a big deal i love the game im just saying i wish it was a little better with things like this 


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That probably a feature. To EA mistakes are called features. Please learn your EA terms. lol... I still have Carson Palmer showing up for the coin toss and the guys they show on the bench for the Bengals are not even on the team.....But like I said it's not a mess up, its an EA feature. If it's in the game, EA probably screwed it up..... I do believe not buying the product is the only way EA or the NFL will learn. This is the first Madden I have bought since 08' and I really don't know why. I should have stuck with 2K5.

Im amazed with all the little things they screwed up. Its like, "really"?

yeah guys i mean i really hate to nit pick but some of this stuff is like they just rushed the final product lots of little errors add up

I dont remember it being this bad in past years.