imagine if a ME fan went back in time..

To the great emptiness that was between Mass Effect 1 & 2 and went on a bunch of forums and spoiled the beginning of Mass Effect 2. Everyone would throw rotten e-tomatos at them and say that that's the dumbest and most unlikely fanfiction ever, Shepard working for Cerberus...rebuilt after death. It's more likely that the Reapers just want to give the galaxy a big cosmic hug, right?


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I`m gonna get me some rotten e-tomatoes from the garbage collection piling up in Zaeed`s quarters, by the way, love the styley new gamer pic, loved the old one too...:-)

Considering some fanfiction I've read... I wouldn't be surprised if one WAS written and is floating around somewhere on one of the many fanfiction websites out there.

Aw, you too kind. Zaeed belongs in the same room as the trash compactor, along with Samara/Morinth. Hell I'd rather they slept IN it.

But seriously, it's such a kickass premise but if you just heard about it from Joe Schmoe after finishing ME1 with no source or proof you'd think it was downright idiotic

LOL that void was terrible. i felt like i was going nuts!

How's it feel to be in it again? ;)

only awesome!