Image/Video Posting Rules [07/08/11]

Hello, my peeps. We got a fun forum update today from DMZilla, the community manager:[quote user="DMZilla"] The ability to post multimedia content is a privilege and new to the forums. Here are general rules for posting images/video in posts and signatures:


General Image/Video Posting:

- Cannot be offensive. If there is any question, then don't post it. Moderator decision is final.

- Cannot violate the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct. 

- One image per post unless you are providing examples/repro steps for an issue in the Support Section.

- 600 pixels wide or less.

- Cases of nudity, extremely offensive content such as racism, and spam/thread hijacking can result in punishments extending beyond just access to the forums.



Posting Images in Signatures:

- Same rules apply as above 

- No animated .GIF images

- 125 pixels or less height. There may be some leniency here if you are over by a couple pixels. This rule is in place to limit thread hijacking threads with large signatures. Mods may edit your signature. Failure to comply after that can result in a suspension.

No use of the official Xbox, Xbox LIVE, or Microsoft logos – These logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, and all rights are reserved. We appreciate that many of you want to show your love of Xbox, but the logo in the signature could be mistaken for official representation.


Just like other rude and abusive behavior that breaks ToU/CoC, if you come across any posts that contain offensive images please use the tool at the end of the respective post to report as abusive so our Moderation team can take action as necessary.[/quote]So what does this mean? It means we are giving you the lovely privilege of posting pics and vids in posts and have images in your sigs. [:D]


Of course, please follow the rules closely. It's a big responsibility and I'm sure you guys and gals are responsible enough with showing your Halo pride in your sigs as before.

But, if you see anyone break these rules, don't hesitate to report the post, user, etc.


If you have any questions, please ask either me, Bogeh, or any other moderator, Support member, or Xbox Staff here. Thanks much. Happy Gaming. [Y]


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Hey, it's good to see we can actually use them . Not what I was expecting, thanks man.

Yay! I just wish my sig hadn't been removed because of the original phasing out.

UGH! I'm getting really sick of this website. I can't edit my above post because I get a server error from the website, and I can' edit my signature because it refuses to save. I delete the "[Image Removed]" and press save, it says "Changes Saved. May take up to 10 minutes blah blah blah", yet the "[Image Removed]" is STILL in the box. Why is this website still so buggy?!



I agree. Nothing like encountering more glitches on an updated site with less functionality...

Thank you FullMetal for putting my idea up for suggestion looks like it actually helped out a bit.

Noble 29, if you'd like, I will add the image you want myself in the hopes that it will fix the problem and also have a better understanding about the bug.

nice work sorting out the pic, they really add something to a thread

So, how do you embed images in the sig? haha..