I play xbox live daily and i am tired of everybody on chat that is able to call anyone in the room a "NI**ER" because they speak or sound like an african american. I am african american myself. Whenever i speak or say good game after a win, "childish" people wanna be quick to say "F**K F***ING Ni**ER" and then an arguement would happen then it becomes a shouting match. Its getting old and all u can do is file a complaint and set the person as an advoided person. but i feel like that you should be able to file a more direct complaint and explain the situation or hear what really goes on into the chat/game rooms before, during, or after matches. I understand that Xbox cant control the millions that play or hear all what is said but a stricter and more swifter punishment should be handled to those that feel like they can express they hatred towards any giving person. I am not speaking on one occasion its goes on day in and night out. Well i am sorry i might be beating a dead horse but i feel like its about to be 2012 and freedom of speech is being missued and directed in the wrong way. Not on xbox live. Well i hope that my formal comaint is being read and understood how i feel about the situation.  


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It "is" freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean there isn't any repercussions of speaking such defiled language.