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you are the worst person ever

[quote user="Local H Jay"]

you are the worst person ever

[/quote]Better than you mate

I'm not the worst, I'd consider myself an Average player. Halo Reach is such an easy game to be good at, really, if you don't have a K/D above 1, I'd hate to see how bad you are at Halo 3.


My K/D is so low in Halo 3. A .80 in Ranked? A .97 in SOCIAL? Thank god Halo:Reach is such a Easy game where almost anyone can be good

rough man pulling out the stats on me

or you can understand people play games for fun, and losing to a janky buttmunch like you makes people NOT have fun, so they quit. it's a tough concept but follow me here: K/D does not mean anything except how much you jerk it to the BR. tell me, when was the last time you had fun in halo? because i do everytime, and i don't give two cares about my K/D

have fun raging about quitters bro

Hey bro! I play for fun EVERY game, I'm just skilled enough to win and go positive while doing it! :D

so you'll understand when people stop having fun and then quit right? or will you be just as mad as you sound in the OP

sorry they didn't like getting spawn trapped and killed 50 times, but that doesn't make for a fun match.

Depends on my odds. If I'm on a 1v4 against some idiots, then I'll crouch, ambush, play around. If I'm playing against some tryhards, I'll crouch, plasma, teabag viciously, then quit and find a match with a team that tries to stick around the whole time.

This is the kind of BS that makes me not want to play team based games anymore. This is why I play Rumble Pit.


In Rumble Pit, you don't have a team, everybody scrambles for 1st place!


It's people like the OP that enrage me and cause me to avoid team based games. They sit somewhere and camp and spawn kill so they can get a major boost in their K/D ratio. There is nothing fun about getting my brains blown out every 5 seconds.


When I play Rumble Pit, I have fun because I know my team won't abandon me and I won't have to quit the game because of spawn killing and have to worry about how many games I quit before I get another probation!


I've been put on probation once! I DON'T want to go through that BS again!

You're the one that is bad at the game. It's sad that you and your friends have to rely on a cheap tactic to win a round. NOBODY should have Unfrigginbelievable! NOBODY! If anybody has this medal, they most likely obtained it by, like you, OP have stated, by spawn killing the opposing team.


If you have obtained it legitimately, then please, do post the Youtube video of you getting 40 kills. Spawn camping doesn't count because it's a cheap tactic!


I have killed 10 people in a row once! I have killed 5 people in a row 23 times! I have never achieved a killstreak higher than 10.


I hate the energy sword and the rocket launcher as well! I will be honest, I have killed over 76 people with the energy sword and 8 people with the rocket launcher when I first received the game from Gamefly. I don't use those two weapons anymore. Why? They're cheap!


I know what some of you are going to say, "why do you still use the Needler?" Well, the Needler is NOT a one-hit kill weapon!


See what I'm getting at? Cheap tactics! Whether it's spawn killing, camping, using rocket launchers, energy swords, etc. They're cheap tactics. Do you know what's fun? Going out and hunting your enemies with a MA37 ICWS Assault Rifle in your hands.

Same reason I like Firefight.

Really, you admit to spawn killing and you think it makes you're good?

I'm not sure if you're being serious or mocking people that stick around.  If I end up alone I'll quit... why make it easy for someone else to increase their stats.

Actually, what's really fun is playing Infection, and Bulltrue'ing the Flood with your Pistol, then Shotgun, then finally just punching the last two that charged you before you could reload.

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