I'm so confused?

So apparently I am the only halo fan at my School now...


Just had an interesting conversation at school today, my friend asked me to join his game battles team for Black ops. I declined stating I dislike Call of Duty, then asked him how do you play competitively on a game that takes no skill.


That is when my 6 friends and my English Teacher said that Halo is a skilless game that anyone can be good at.


1) Halo is a Childish game.

2)It is easier to kill people because the Reticule is big and you can aim from the hip.

3) Halo games never change and are always the same (lol irony)

From what I understand from my personal expiernce, The Halo Series takes more skill to be good at. You cant just play for the first time and do good because you spawn with a gun that over powers the rest. Call of Duty is nothing more than who fires the first bullet.

Anyone here have a better explanation as to why Halo takes no skill? Or are my friends just stupid (like I assume)

(I am not trying to start a HALO vs COD thread)


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Sorry to say but your friends don't seem to know much about skills in video games.

1)Halo is not a Childish game.

2)Reticule being bigger makes it harder to shoot someone. If I remember right you can aim from the hip in CoD. Which I am fairly all the 1337 children call "No-Scoping"

3)Halo games do take more skill.

Sounds like you need to school some of your friends by totally destroying them at Reach and then ask them if a little skill would have made a difference. How does starting off with a better weapon than the competition and not being matched up by skill make you skillful? Of course you're going to do better than the lower ranks you pillocks. (sorry, totally watching Top Gear at the moment)

so, you dislike COD, but it's your second most recently played game? Anyways, I like Halo and COD equally, and I'd say they both take skill. Spartans can fire from the hip because they're strong enough that recoil doesn't really affect their aim. It's not childish. 1, It's not the same game any more than COD, and 2, what's wrong with making 2+ games similar, if they're both good?

I remember the CoD fanboys from high school. Best bet is to not argue with them. They're way too stupid to listen to reason

[quote user="BlueAeroStar"]

I remember the CoD fanboys from high school. Best bet is to not argue with them. They're way too stupid to listen to reason



That's true sometimes, but I could say the same about some Halo Players.


i remember being asked to join hockey teams when i was in high school lol

maybe you should show them some competitive halo matches

Video games>Sports.

I'm actually good at Video games :P

I don't think any of them own a Halo game that wasn't Halo CE. Except my English Teacher, I think he has Halo 3.

[quote user="SpeedyBlueDude"]

Video games>Sports.


I hope the rest of your school doesn't think like that.

It's sad, but Call of Duty is the new "cool" game that all the kids want. Much like Halo was during Halo 2 (It really died off for everyone I know before 3... getting older sucks).


Call of Duty's not a skill-less game per se, just very noob friendly in many aspects. If you have restricted settings in it it is actually decently competitive experience. But the extreme majority just use the default settings and it really is so easy to dominate at.


Halo's time has come and passed. It's very likely that it will never have the top spot again, but that's fine! The experiences I have had and continue to have with the game will last a lifetime.


One thing they could do to really up the ante and make the game get away from its "little kid" roots and make the next game have a much, much darker storyline. Like you really get to see the destruction and death involved in war. One part from the Reach campaign that stands out is when you're in the Falcon riding along and shooting Banshees down, and you hear on your radio about a Civilian transport getting shot down, then watch it explode in flames.


Seriously, I loved the whole Halo trilogy's storyline but it was more Space Opera and not enough violence. War is a gritty, terrible thing. They need to bring the emotion back!

whatever. halo does take some skill. just not as much as you might think. take infection games for example. all it takes is paying attention to what paths to take to completely surprise the enemy humans once you have been zombified. or even capturing the flag, knowing the best places to go to surprise the enemy totally helps if you dont have more skill than your opponents. i used to suck more at infection games but since i started figuring out how to surprise enemy humans in certain maps, my kills have been steadily improving. i aint great, but i'm getting much better. hey guys...theres a way to surprise those human chumps who are camped out in the central area on the cage map...and it works 90% of the time

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