I'm planning to buy MS points..but there's a problem -,-

I'm planning to buy Microsoft points but actually I don't know what should I get European or American....


Some People say "look at your game Cover at the Top right under the Xbox 360 Banner you're gonna see a small box written inside of it PAL or NTSC if it's PAL then it's european and if it's NTSC then it's American"....Well mine is PAL > European

and Other People say " go buy Microsoft points from your Xbox 360 Console and then you're gonna see list of Microsoft Points Prices...if you see i.e. $9.99 then you get American and if it's in Euro mark "€" then you get European...Mine is "$" which means American......


Complicated....my games are PAL and my Shop Currency is U.S Dollar "$"?!?!?!?!?!!?!

how weird ...could you please help me..

I'd appreciate :)


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Sign into billing.microsoft.com to find out what region your account is. If it's an American account, then it'll ask you to pay in US dollars.

@Smwutches Thanks a LOT...Mine is American :D

The PAL and NTSC are just what region discs the console will play. It doesn't necessarily mean the account will be the same way.

Where did you buy your console, US? or Europe?. Must game run in PAL 60hz so they will run in all regions.

MSPoints are region locked but XBL membership is not region locked. If you buy your points though the marketplace then you will get the right points needed for your region. However if you dont, then you will need to buy points which match the region you sign your menbership up in.

FYI, if you have a US account you wont be able to to download any content unless your IP is geolocated in the US.

The only real way to purchase content is to have a US account, with US points in the US (Or military base)