I'm old school what about you?

Two games I'd like to see come to XBLA are classics in my opinion, and I figure since XBLA is rereleasing old school arcade games maybe the powers that be will see fit to pick up the licenses for these two super hero games, First Marvel Comics, The Avengers the arcade game, the one with Cap., Vision, Hawk Eye, etc. etc. and The old school DC, Superman the arcade game.  Where, when you were playing with two players whomever was player two had to play as supes in his boxers and a different colored scheme suit.  It be nice to see these games in the XBLA line-up.  I know I'd download them.  What say you X-Box?


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Oh my gawd, I totally forgot about the Avengers! My brother and I would hire that game over and over from the video store because we couldn't find our own copy. Probably the one game I'm missing from my SNES collection.


Is there any petition I can sign to show my support to bring this game to XBLA? Haha I wish anyway.

I don't know anything about the control change, sorry man. Like I said, I never played the original. I just don't think the sequel was a bad game.


If you control the game like Halo though it doesn't play like Halo, is there actually a problem? It's a half-rhetorical question, so don't worry about it, but it's an interesting thought.

10 month old thread guys...

[quote user="FEARecon"]

I'd like to see the first Spyro the Dragon game and Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex, those games never got old.



IMHO, they're not actually old. At this point in time, I just can't consider anything after the advent of 3D graphics to be old school. If it's not pre 32-bit (original Playstation) era, it just ain't classic yet. Hell, I still have original copies of these games sitting on my shelf, as though I purchased them last week.

Six games I'd really like to see on XBLA are:

Resident Evil HD

Resident Evil 0 HD

Resident Evil 2 HD

Resident Evil 3 HD

Viewtiful Joe HD

Viewtiful Joe 2 HD

All reworked for 16x9 aspect ratio.  That's harder to do for the Resident Evil games because their backgrounds were static 4x3 pictures. (Resident Evil 0 had animation in the backgrounds but I think they were still mostly pre-rendered.)

Of course if they want to make a Viewtiful Joe 3 to go along with the other two, I'd like that too.  They kind of copped out on the third Viewtiful Joe game by making it a fighting game instead of a platform game.

[quote user="ThriLL KapsuLE"]

Yes, Goldeneye 007HD would be lovely.


they did announce it

I'm waiting for River City Ransom

Im think that these should be on XBLA

Resident Evil(Original)

Viewtiful Joe

Crash Bandicoot(Original)

Oddworld Abes Oddysee

Conkers Bad Fur Day


Klonoa Door To Phantomile

Spyro The Dragon


Gex Enter The Gecko

Gex Deep Cover Gecko

Jet Set Radio

The Simpsons Hit And Run

Final Fantasy(Original)

Dead Or Alive(Original)

House Of The Dead(Original)


Mortal Kombat Trilogy


Sonic Adventure 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

ToeJam & Earl(Original)

South Park

Street Fighter(Original)

@ the OP (and to some extent those who agreed with him): Although I'm a general Marvel fan, and most beat 'em ups I find generally fun, with reference to gameplay they're pretty much all the same, they generally have next to nothing in the way of storyline, and IMO offer no real replay value aside from general social fun. Specifically I bought the X-Men XBLA arcade port, and at this point I regret it, as apart from achievements I got nothing from it aside from a bit of nostalgia upon playing it directly after downloading it.

@ those who'd referenced Goldeneye: We already have Perfect Dark, and everything about that game was better... If Rare is to do anything next, they need to patch or generally update the game to allow custom public matches, and once again that's a game I know I'd be coming back to on a regular basis.

As far as my opinions go, I'd most want to see an HD remake of pretty much any of Capcom's 5th gen fighters, though most specifically Darkstalkers, Street Fighter Alpha 3, or either of the 1 on 1 Capcom developed Marvel games, probably in that order. I never actually played any of the Street Fighter III games, though as a general Capcom and fighting game fan I'm pretty sure I'd like that and would buy that.

I'd love Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Maniac Mansion, and Capcom's D&D arcade games to get re-released.

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