I'm Not Dead Yet Achievement

Sorry if something about this has already been posted, I have no idea how to use these new forums.  But what exactly is the criteria for this achievement?  I had a sliver of health (much less than 10%) and my opponent had over half remaining.  I came back and won the round, yet no bloop?  I was on Ranked as well.  Anything I'm missing?  Thanks in advance.


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Your opponent must have a full life bar and you must have only a sliver left. It makes this achievement very hard to get. Same with winning both rounds with the timer running out. It's nearly impossible.

I was hoping someone wouldn't say that.  Thanks.

i'm also having troubles with this achievement

its nearly IMPOSSIBLE

It's not that tough. The best thing to do is not attempt this unless you're playing an opponent that appears in-experienced. The let them back you in a corner and beat you to death. Then when you have a little health left, jump over them so they're cornered and just beat them senseless. That was the strategy I used and it worked out.