Im looking to make a Flags Team

I play almsot everyday on HC FLAGS unless I just prestigied then I move to Demoltion for my Ninja Perks.

At an rate, Im looking to make a monster Flags team, our job will be to hunt down clans that abuse PUBs and eat them alive until they rage quit or GG, then rince and repeat.

If this sounds like fun, please send me message.


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Still looking for 3 more players, Id like to call the squad the (4HRS)


    Good luck finding like-minded individuals and have fun playing with them.............

    But all the decent ones read your other post and are laughing at you as they read this one.

If all the Forumrunners that are left on this board are of you caliber, I probably will have a tough time finding a good team here

thats your opinion about that thread sir and not a very smart one, the decent players would agree with me.

A Ghost Pro without AA for entire match is a worthless teammate; why is this the class you run, Old guy; did i strike a nerve?

[quote user="Ractus"] Old guy; did i strike a nerve?[/quote]

I'm almost positive this statement was made in lieu of his best interest. 


Here's an idea, OP.  Instead of expecting your teammates to pick up the slack for you, try mastering other classes first;  when the time is necessary, you can switch to that class, make a difference with teamwork, and watch, not only your W/L ratio rise to the top, but also your reputation.  



Delta my man

I already told you, Ghost pro is the first thing I make when I prestiege; of course I switch out to when I need to

pick up the teams slack

Strike a nerve, .....  no.

I just know what works for me, and know that its stupid to expect others to have good results playing the way I say, or you say.


But as for my main class setup in ctf ...............

Ghost Pro ............ no red dot, no red gt, no getting shot by choppers or being pointed with any other airstrikes.

2nd perk can vary.

Ninja pro .......... no noise.

AR with a silencer ........ no red dot, no noise.

Secondary ........ usually a pistol ....... anyything else on my back gives me away when hiding.


Nova gas and claymore if I'm defending

Willy pete and tac insert if I'm capping

I do keep a launcher on another class in case it's needed, But if I'm going to sacrifice myself, thats my choice not yours.

As I meantioned in the other thread ........... I'm no rambo. I have a job to do and I can perform my duties best by having the element of surprise on my side. You play how you want, but I'd rather save the battling for when its needed, I'm definitely not doing my duty if I'm dead, so why even take a chance?

Its all about the defending the offense, proteting your offense; giving them the element of suprise by keeping aircraft off their back

I'll sign up. But, I don't know if I will be online for a while. So...

probably didn't help. lol. I'm down tho.

This isn't an AA meeting?

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.