im looking for a black ops clan

hey im looking 2 join a cool black ops clan im already in a cool halo reach clan Team Forerunner's go cheak them out but i been in 2 black ops clans in the last 2 days and one of them was just too big i didnt meet any leaders or anything i played like one ground war game with some members an other guys that was thinking about joining..and nobody in the clan scored over 12 me and the other guys did all the work after the gave everybody left i didnt become friends with anyone they was just really pressing me 2 sign up for their site and when i did it was boring and inactive... the other clan i joined it was tryouts i had to play one of their leaders in a 1 v1 and i kicked his @@@ 24 -2 then some other leaders joined and they sucked as well soo my history with clans isnt so good but i wanna give it another chance all im looking for is a small clan 15-20 people, no boosters, no annoying lil brats a age limit will be ok with me im 18,no gamertag changes, i would be ok with tryouts just to compare myself to the other members. i hope i didnt have too many demands  if you looking for new members message me on xbl because u really dont get on the forums alot i check it like every 3-4 days 


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You do know most clans dont allow multi clanning..if your still in Team Forerunner you may not have very good luck with your post.

I know that's why I just put it out their that I was in another clan so ppl would already know and I think I might of found a good clan for me

well I mean it depends which game you play more and where your loyalties lie, I really don't like posting when some one has a clan but always looking for members. I've seen Team ForeRunner they've been very active for like 5 months not very old clan. But any ways if you want I'll send you an invite and try to arrange a time to get on we are a small clan but good clan, um if your worried about us getting only 12 kills no worries, worry about getting over 10. usually. we have a competitive team and a new website if you like to check it out, its really new so, its a work in progress, hope you hit me up.

check out

look for members for my clan if u want to join