im level 60 whats best way to get to 69?

I have beat the destroyer twice, beat Knox once (I was on second playthrough though so don't know if I can go back and do the story quests again there), and the only doc I have is Knoxx and Underdome. I could only afford 2 dlcs so I decided I had to have the bank slots lol. I know there are some level 61 side quests I can do in Knoxx but other than that what's the best way to level?

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You can't level in Underdome.  Only chance you have is Knoxx and Main Game.  If you have finished both the game will auto level to your level but won't give you new missions.  Your only choice is to fight and explore until you achieve level.  Knoxx is your best bet.  Your other option is to join another's game who hasn't done the missions. They will have to host the game to generate the missions.  If not... fighting the creatures of Pandora is your only choice.

Crawmerax. Though most people do not have the technique to take him down without cheating.

Killing purple crabs in the lost cave and trash coast..

Eridian Promontory...

eridian prometory definitely. at high levels, killing some of the guardians can net you like 20,000 exp

I just got my 9th level 69 and i just get me and 4 of my buddys and we go and kill Crawmerax together after we get level 60-62....  also knowning were the hidden chest is helps cuz u can get snipers with 1000 X 3 and shot guns with 500 x 11 thats the best Iv got so far

Uh, Snipers with 1000 X 3?

The only LEGIT guns in the game that shoot 3 bullets out at once is the Butcher (shotgun), Helix Rocket launchers, and Violators (repeater).

Also ALL X5 weapons are Hacked.

Soo, that sniper you have is hacked. It's a Cheat.

jakobs skullmashers are snipers that shoot multiple projectiles, and are not hacked. also you forgot the torgue gnasher which fires i think up to six bullets with one trigger pull (two bullets fired in three bursts).