I'm just started to get better at this game and I could use some tips

I need all the tips and all the tips on levels how to play them the good camping spots and all that jazz. It would be useful if someone told me some really good tips and the best weapon combantions god bless you all and im praying for tips lol i could use them,


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you cant go wrong with the famas and ak74u.

Skill + no lag= win

    My best suggestion(s) is to go to the maps in a private match (alone ) and learn them .........

Pick a weapon and tactic that you are comfortable with. Then just play the game.

Watch theater mode to see how the better players play.

For more specifics, you may want to ask more specific questions such as tips on a particular mode such as domination or tdm ... or whatever you enjoy.

AUG with red dot,

Flak jacket,  (pro)

Slight of hand, (pro)

Hacker (pro)

play combat training and then free-for-all/team deathmatch

Combat training is your friend. Also, just watch the more experienced players while online to learn the good spots.

Watch you recent games again from the other players views and see where you went wrong. Weapons choice is a personal one but the AK74u and Famas are used most. Also watch Youtube for tips and tricks videos. Practice is the only real way to get good and it's a gradual process. Good luck

I always find playing the story mode on vet or going against bots on vet will make you a better online player.  Plus finding a weapons, and perks that best suit your style of play works well.  I generally use most sub-macs as primary, duel pistols any type as secondary.  regular grenade, flashbang, and claymore.  Perks I use ghost pro good for avoiding those pesky helipcopters, steadyaim pro, good for close range battles, and hacker pro,, good for seeing those enemy clamores and being able to take an enemies equipment.  

I generally stick to ffa gamemodes with occasinal tbg, I feel ffa makes you better at protecting yourself and getting you used to moving around and not staying in one area.  A good turtle beach headset or equivalent is recommended for hearing someone sneek up on you before seeing them.  And final having regular practice will make you a better player.  

But the problem is some people are good at gaming and adapt to be very good players, and some people never get any better no matter what they do.  It all depends on whether you have the gift of being a good online gamer.  I know people who have been playing for years and still play like they just hooked up the xbox.