Im Hosting Private Lobbys So We Can Actually PLAY & HAVE FUN

Hey whats up guys...I know we are all sick and tired of this hacking non sense. So me and a few of my budz have started playing 2v2s and 3v3s. And its AWESOME and Iy works. My GT is CharmCitysKing. If you want to have fun, and play the game WITHOUT MODS, Hit me up on XBOX LIVE. Ive been playing this game for years since it came out..So I have allot of experience playing this game. I play the game for fun. But untill this game is patched, this is our only hope. I am running a Verizon Fios connection so our games will be smooth as a babys butt :).


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no one trusts invites any more,you may be genuine but you may let in some one who`s not.its not worth the risk of even playing it any more.

hey man trust me I am not have had it done to me way too many times...*** this one time, these guys swore on there mothers grave there family's grave and all this swearing. Then once I seen a bullet shoot from the ground up I said to my team mate hold on a second. So I went on the other team and they were outside the map