im getting accused of cheating on black ops 2 a lot more these days

ok so this is the problem im having.

so when u play black ops 2 everyday u become a lot better,  u can react better,  u can see people better and u get to know where people will be on each map and where to get the most kills.

but on this black ops i have got to the point where i can get 20 plus kills nearly every game easy. but now i get people accusing me of cheating.

one person said i had hacked the game and was using an aimbot . ( i am not pc savvy and only new what  a cookie was and how to clear them last year lol.) so this is well beyond my capabillities.

but  also because im using the fal with select fire attachment so i can use automatic fire, im now getting people saying im using a modded pad lol. i cant win.

one guy sent me a message saying nothing but "reported" which annoyed me.

and now im 10 prestige with diamond camo **** rifles its happening more. took me ages and a lot of effort to get diamond camo and dont want to get banned because people are just not as good as me.

my questions is can u guys see from your end if someone is cheating?  and have people being banned just for getting wrongly reported?

this would put my mind at ease.

and has anyone else had this problem? like to hear your storys.


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I get 20+ kills every game and I use the fal select fire a lot but ive never had people say im cheating, most ppl who play cod surely know about select fire by now. I don't think you can be banned that easily because if that was the case you could in theory get your friends list to report someone and get them banned, pretty sure they would have to see evidence, and if your playing legit there will be no evidence of cheating so I wouldn't worry.

Meh ...... unless you arent telling the whole story, they must just be trying to make you feel good.

20+ kills per match, diamond camo and sf fal doest even signify an average player much less a good one.

Somebody in here will pull your stats soon enough, but anyways, if you are NOT cheating, then dont worry about it? Especially enough to make a thread about it. I have friends that get "fan mail" every game, but they are getting like 50-60 kills every game in Domination.

20 kills? The only way 20 kills is impressive is in SnD.

ok guys 20 kills is ment as my  average score.  i only play team deathmatch  and i use more than just the fal but that was my main gun.

but i can get over 30 kills a lot and ive had over 40 a few times. i have saved replays of me getting 43-10 and 45-10 plus i have had a 30 kill streak on there too.

what im saying is ive being accused of every form of cheating that i know off. but im glad to hear that u cant get banned for nothing.  my next challenge now is diamond pistols. so i will post here when the next person says im cheating. and at this rate i give it 2 week lol

People say stuff like that all the time when they die a few times,i would'nt worry so much.Just msg them back teling them you reported them also.

No smoke without fire.

well in this case there isnt any smoke. wouldnt be here discussing this if they was any smoke pal come on.

I take that kind of mail as hate mail and saying that they're reporting you is just a way to ruffle you and get under your skin.

Bah they are just jealous

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