I'm currently looking for a clan.

    I'm  currently looking for a clan, I personally don't want a clan that's overrated and has hundreds, maybe thousands? Of people in it. I want a 10-700, members radius. But hey, beggers can't be choosers. I'm currently online playing Halo: Reach, COD4 & 5 maybe 7 later on when I get it back (8 when it comes out but that won't be for awhile.), Battlefield BC2 (I dont play it now but I can.), Medal of Honor, Homefront, AC:Brotherhood, and Fable 3. And more games when I get a job and get some :)

I'm 14, live in Newoundland (Canada). Online usually 1-3 hours a day. 4-12 on the weekends. I have a mic, and I can be a team player :) But i like to mess around too you know? ;)


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After reading this article, you may message me on Xbox Live if you would like to join. My gamertag is: XGO SPIRIT.

At XGO we offer only the best in gaming news and clan support. Want to start your own division? At XGO we have the resources to not only make that a reality but to support you in every step of the way. We also support non XGO clans so if you need a website and domain name come see us we are here for you. We welcome you to our network where gaming is taken to the extreme. Xtreme Gaming Online!

- We are an online gaming community that encourages members to get to know each other, and participate together through clan tournaments. (Usally 1600 MP reward )

- Due to our exstensive size, you will be sure to always have willing members to play with.

- We have over 1000 members.

- We have a functional, and easy to use website. www.xgolive.net ... www.reach.xgolive.net (Make sure to check out both).

- We have a military ranking structure.

- We have a uniform policy.

More information is available here: freetexthost.com/cuf3qwmahn

Legend clan... we are only excepting 15 people and they have  to be good! we already have five so 10 more spots left. we mainly play cod: blackops. i could try you out for either shotguns ( we need a leader in this branch ) assualt rifles ( have 2 poeple in this branch ) and sniping ( have two people in this branch ) i am the overall leader in all of them. i could also try you out on reach. we almost never play that game though. thanks... LEGENDXXLEADER. by the way, if you can change your name make sure it starts with LEGENDXX and then what you want after that.

CallMeGamer would love to have you!

We're newly revamped, new website, new organization, and always looking for new members.

We currently play MW2 and BlOps, as well as having people active in Halo Reach.

We're a humble little clan, maxing out at maybe 13 members total.


Again, come join the fun!

I heard CallMeGamer we're pretty BA! Great clan with gaming nights and cool attitudes. Plus you can apply for teams and do clanwars/battles. There's alot of features on our site and tons of people to help you out on live. We're up to 15 and growing check us out! We're also looking for a Halo Reach Team leader for clanwars!   www.callmegamer.com

Yeah CallMe is the place to be.

Any comment or questions just ask.


Nice to meet you- you're welcome to check in to Soldiers of Christ.  We're a bigger clan that includes branches in other (PC) games, but our xbox branch is in the radius you mention.  We're not very competitive, but like to play as a team and play as friends, and as welcomers to new friends.  All those games are on our lists.  Heavily into Halo by the way.


Our website is www.teamsoc.net and our forum introduction area is where, if you were interested, you could post a bit about yourself.  You're welcoem to read our forums without registering if you're not sure.


Either way, sincerely the best of luck finding a good group of people to attach yourself to.