Im about to rent the game but they only have disk I need disk 2?

I want to rent the game but redbox only has disk 1, will I even need the second disk. I wouldnt want to go rent it then half way through the game ask me to change disks


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Disc 1 = single player

Disc 2 = multiplayer

Never rent from Redbox

Disk one is the story disk.  Disk two is for online multi-player.  You need the u-play code to get on with disk 2.

^ Not true. If you don't have the Uplay code, you can still play Multiplayer but you can only level up to Level 10.

Good call renting it first! I wish I would have done that. Just wait untill you start experiencing the tidal wave of glitches! This one is the worst of the series!

Good call renting it first, this will mean by the time you do come around to buying it Ubisoft will have been able to resolve the issues with the game. Congrats on having a millimeter of paitence more than some other forum users.

@Megadude - Dude, I'm busting you over this because in every forum you've logged in and typed "Glitches" like your the only one in the world to get them and you deserve to troll about it.

Amen.  Wish I had rented.  Though I just got my GameInformer.  I can return my AC3 and get a $30 in-store credit.  Definitely gonna take them up on that.

or just wait until Black Friday when games are $35

I haven't run into a tidal wave of glitches and it has been played a lot.

It has it's issues, but so many games do, and fixes get made for some and you learn how to work around others.