I'm a fan, but.... is this really worth getting?

I've played Magic the Gathering and I totally loved it. Spent many hours on it so I couldn't wait for this one to come out.

Now I've actually played the trial game, I'm not sure if I should get it or not... All decks I was able to see were just about the same as the old ones from The Gathering but just with slightly different pictures on them. I was expecting alot more new decks, like you got from the expansions in The Gathering but so far I haven't been able to try one.

So I was wondering, does this game have any new decks?
On their website I'm only able to check out the The Gathering decks and the expansion ones, as far as I know we aren't able to see decks from the 2012 version so I don't think I should really expect new decks, right...
And if there were so many new decks, why wouldn't they let me try one of them in the trial...

If 90% of all decks are just like the old decks from The Gathering, what happened to the expansions I bought?

The only new things I have noticed in the trial version are:
-> New campaign, like Arch Enemy ( What the hell is this though? After I completed my second match against the A.I., Magic forced me to buy their game or I had to return to my dashboard, so I wasn't able to check it out )
-> Slightly improved graphics, background, music and menu lay-out. But, who cares about those, it's about the cards.

I'm sure one of you have bought the full game already, any chance one of you could answer me these questions?



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Thematically they might be the same but different cards so they play out different.  For instance the mono red deck is nothing like either Chandra deck.  It has limited burn spells so not like heat of battle, has better creature suit than the original Chandra deck.  A number of spells depend on the number of mountains you have in play


Tezzerets deck is UBW -- yes it is artificats but plays differently due to spells.


Jace's deck is now creature heavy  (lots of illusion type creatures)--onl y a handful of counters.


Sorin's deck is vampires but from the limited times I played against it, it lacks Bloodwitches and Nocturnus (I haven't seen them at least).  Theme is the same, but it is not the same deck.


In terms of new decks there is a U/G mana ramp deck.Sarkhan's deck is now just BR.  Havent looked at it or Garruk's deck much.


Gideon's deck (I honestly dont remember the expansion one didnt play it much).  Have unlocked it all, seems more consistent however than original deck.


Thing you have to keep in mind is while the themes are the same the cards are different and thus play differently.  The creatures are not the same.  The spells are not the same, so they do not play the same way even if they have the same theme.  Win Cons are different and the tactics are different.  Only you can decide if the difference is enough (I have found it to be the case).  But probably you can only do that by purchasing it and trying for yourself.  800 MS points is not that much.

i actually thought the same thing when i 1st started playing but as vkandis said theme wise they are similar but thats where it ends the decks play different and have much different tactics to them i recommend buying it.

btw archenemy is 3 players vs 1 cpu that has a side deck that flips 1 card at the start of his/her turn every upkeep and they have different effect that range from putting out 5 1/1 saprolings to making it so only 1 of the 3 ppl can cast a spell on their next turn. all in all its a fun team based gametype.

not to mention 2 headed giant is now improved for online so you dont have to have 2 ppl on the same console in order to play it (which was always my problem with it)

Actually, you can check out the decks on their website.



Sorry for the late response. Had some problems getting back on the xbox 360 website.

Anyway, thanks for the replies and thanks for the website link, Meadhlyn. Couldn't find that at all on their website. Too bad some of the cards won't display, for me atleast.

Think I'm going to buy it after all, since I've spent many hours in the The Gathering already, it's time to move on to an upgraded version.

See you all online!