Im a 43 year old gamer single dad of two boys 8 n 10:)

Boy i got to put my foot down, my 10 year old is not sharing enough time on b ops


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Early bedtimes . . . and designated playing times . . . OR multiple consoles!

It's rough sometimes. Mine are 10 and 12. I say, "You are brothers, figure it out or I'll take the game and no one will play." I'm not saying it's the best thing to do, but they usually working it out or do something else.

Yep mine are 7 and 10, I feel for ya :)

You know you can buy another controller, and they can play splitscreen BlOps multiplayer, right?

I think he means they are not sharing with HIM!  lol

As you said Leo, that's why I have 2 Xbox's, hehe.

Haha.  I establish night time as dad's time with the Xbox.  They can play during the day and right when they get home, but at night, it's my turn.  And you should check out Dad's Hideout.  Great spot for all dads, but we have a strong XB360 following.  Lot of fun and lots to do.

I desided to get myself a XBOX 360 for christmas no more waiting for the kid to get off his lol but you  know its been great gaming with him as well somthing your missing out on with just one box at home