Illegally gaining 'Revolution DLC'

 I have someone on my friends list who has been illegally gaining DLC from his friends. I wish to report this and want something to be done about it, I pay for all my content legitimately and it sickens me that people are getting it for free. What can I do other than file a complaint? The gamertag of the person is I Enjoi Females - he has the new Black Ops II DLC WITHOUT paying for it as he took his friends account, licensed transferred and downloaded it.


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I saw a kid steal a candybar once.

No naming and shaming, but yeah, Ive heard of people passing around DLC too.

Sounds like a great friend.  Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo xbox account, cause [soon to be mod removed] is rapin erbody out here.  

I'm just sick of paying for stuff when people are getting it for free.

^Welcome to the new Amerika.

Lol@new america. Virtual vacations do not count for real life, open your door and step out.