IGN's review of Halo: CEA (and my opinion)

IGN's review of Halo: CEA


My opinion:

Haha well you know what they say.. Can't spell ignorant without IGN. They based the vast majority of that article on the multiplayer aspect saying how the "authentic multiplayer feel" wasn't there. Well NO KIDDING. 343 stated numerous times that they were NOT recreating the multiplayer because it just couldn't be done correctly with the amount of time and resources they had.

The graphics don't live up to modern shooters? Maybe that should be attributed to the fact that it's literally just a graphics layer running on top of the old engine. They can only do so much when they aren't recreating everything from scratch in order to preserve the original feel of the game.

"The campaign is pretty short, but the inclusion of online co-op gives you more reason to go back to it. The multiplayer is a blast, but will feel familiar to those who've played Reach exhaustively."


Yeah, that about sums up the stupidity of the reviewer. The campaign isn't any shorter than it was 10 years ago. The multiplayer IS Reach, so of course it's going to be familiar to those who play Reach. It isn't any different!

Ugh! I don't think this should have even been officially reviewed. It's not some new sensational hit. It's a remake of the game that started it all. This guy clearly had no respect for the franchise, and I'd take his review with a grain of salt.


(On a related note, IGN just gave Assassin's Creed Revelations an 8.5 even though they only pointed out one bad aspect of the game. Not that 8.5 is bad, but from what I've seen and heard, it deserves at least a 9. I think this about seals the deal for me. I'm never taking IGN's reviews seriously again. It seems that they base their scores solely off of popularity and anticipation for the game. Not to mention, if a game is a multiplayer monster, they'll give it a better score solely because of that.)


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Opinions and "Hate out of Ten" and all that jazz.

The author of the review does seem to miss the point of this latest iteration of CE, namely that it's a refresh and not a recreation.  IMO most of that review focuses on "shortcomings" that really aren't in an effort to fill the page.  

At the least the IGN review might help avert many naive purchasers expecting an all-new current gen title instead of a redress of our favorite classic...

Personally I myself was hoping for a full on remake of the Multiplayer instead we get Reach style gameplay with CE mechanics.

This video was made just for you Noble   [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8tO4d7geno&feature=youtu.be]

I bought the title because it was the game that started it all for me. I don't care what any blogger or reviewer  says. It's nostalgic to go back to those places that gave me some many hours of good times. Now with a fresh coat of paint and a buddy!


I liked Reach multiplayer minus a few additions. I really like the look of the new maps.  As I type this, I'm waiting for the maps to download from my preorder copy I just picked up at GameStop.  


Halo fanboy FTW!!!!

I dont know why people rage over reviews.  IGN gave it an 8 out of 10, its a great game.  You act as if they're saying its complete garbage.  Its an updated remake with new multiplayer maps for $40, I'm not expecting this game to be perfect and I believe that this game was only made to try and compete with the other shooters out there and to lengthen the Reach life until Halo 4 comes out.   8 out of 10 is still a respectable score so stop the QQ

I am waiting until I actually play it to form any kind of opinion.  Personally I don't keep up with all the studios so I had no idea what 343 was doing.  For people like me that article means something.  I was expecting a refreshed Halo CE, and honestly was not expecting Reach Multiplayer.  That kind of sucks if that is the case.  Halo CE and Halo 2 just had a completely different feel to them.  I was hoping that was brought back.  I miss the days of Halo CE multiplayer LAN parties.  Those were some good times.