IGN Video: BF3 Beta Tips for New Players

If you’re like me and have been playing that other shooter for your entire gaming life, you’re going to get very lost very fast with Battlefield 3.

Spotting? Flashlights? Teamwork? For any typical COD player, these concepts are alien to us.

I found this video very useful. Now maybe we COD players won’t get our butts handed to us. Much.

Good luck.



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doubletapping a shotgun at close range=pwnage.

nice find

    Are you really that arrogant to believe every bad player is just someone from CoD or something.  Or are you just new to online shooting games to never realize that when it comes to any modes that require teamwork, you can't expect much out of anyone.

    Heck play any other game besides a shooting game and you will notice the same thing.  Either make some friends to do team work with or lower your expectations of random players you get matched up with.  Anyone with a brain should understand this by now.

@psycho:he's a CoD player. lil' reading comprehension goes a long way...