IGN review is up = 9.5


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Here is a quote from the article.

"Fans of the Batman: Arkham Asylum will immediately be at home in Arkham City as developer Rocksteady took the core gameplay, refined it, and polished it. You brawl with one button, counter with another and leap when you feel like it. Batman's got a slew of new counter attacks -- including the ability to take out several attacking enemies at once -- and the ability to use nearly every gadget in battle with a hot key system. Even though the system can seem simple (that's if you ignore the combos and multipliers) the diversity in the attacks and battles keeps it interesting. I wanted to engage bad guys instead of sneaking past them. Maybe it was the promise of more experience points and the upgrades they unlocked, but it probably had more to do with wanting to see Batman dislocate another elbow."

So it isn't a perfect score like everyone was thinking it was going to be but close enough. Tuesday can't come fast enough.

The wait's killing me. Perfect or not you had to know that this game was going to be amazing.

It's extremely rare for IGN to give out perfect scores, so this is no shock to me. According to them Arkham City is better than Arkham Asylum which is fine by me because I thought the first one was great!

I great story, Great music, great cast....oh yeah ,,am getting this sure sure

A 9.5 is nothing to sneeze at. Especially from IGN.

I really don't worry about reviews for games, everyone has a different opinion on it. Its sad tho when a game doesn't get the true review it deserves. Esp when a game rates the first game like a 9.5 then they say the 2nd one was better but either give it the same score or a lower score.

I cannot wait. That Inside Xbox video about Arkham City got me excited.


I saw that video too and wow does the game look awesome.

thanks for share.