Attention all gamers!

Ever want to escape all of those loud obnoxious kids who spam everything that is XBOX? I have the place for you!

iGoD, a rapidly growing 18+ gaming COMMUNITY is currently recruiting for all of our flagship games!

We are highly active, super cool guys(and gals)! We only have one prerequisite to joining, you have to pass our "I'm Not A Douche Bag Test" This test is a highly scientific and highly accurate determination of your douche bagginess! Now if you are interested....and I know you are.....just go to www.igameordie.com and check us out or message me on XBOX live gamertag o0oN1GHTMAREo0o.

Below are some FAQs:

Q) What are our flagship games?

A) As of right now we have 4 main divisions....Black Ops(soon to be MW3) , Halo, Battlefield 3, and Gears of War 3!

Q) What about competitive gaming?

A) We have multiple MLG, GB, and Pro Circuit teams in each Division!

Q) Who are you?

A) I am Eric, aka o0oN1GHTMAREo0o, one of iGoD's original members!

Q) Define douche bag?

A) Thinking you are some totally awesome guy even though you are 12 or live in your mothers basement. Also if you have 7 guitars randomly placed throughout your "trendy loft" so when girls come over they are forced to ask if you play guitar. To which you answer, "Yes I do! How did you know? Would you like for me to play you a song?"

Q) What if I am under 18 and wanna join?

A) Fortunately for you, we do make exceptions! You simply have to prove that you are not a whiney little kid with the maturity of a sock!


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bump  www.igameordie.com  clan tag [iGoD] we are laready well over the gold clan tag on CoD Elite and divisions in Gears and Halo and if your an old school fan we are going to start Counter Strike when it comes out this Spring!