IG Gamiing Community Looking For New People

IHey guys im looking for new members for my gaming community, IG it stands for Iconik Gaming. We have 1000+ members and are always expanding. We have a military style ranking structure were you rank up within the community and thus for having more power in the comminty. To rank up you need to be active on the site by posting and playing with each other on xbox :) If intreasted heres the website url http://iconik-gaming.com/forum.php Then go to register then fill out the application. Put your username as your gamer tag on xbox. Then you will come to a part were it says who reffered you to this site, Put KOD William putting KOD William is one of the most important things to do. But othere than that send me a friend request over xbox and we can get you introduced to some of our memebers :) my gamer tag is KOD William.


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