iFruit Phone app for ANDRIOD?!?!?!

Anyone? Anyone hear about WHEN they are going to FINALLY release the iFruit phone app for Andriod users?!?! It just sucks that iPhone users get the app day one and yet another ball drop from Rockstar still practically a MONTH later and STILL no app for Andriod...I also hear Windows phones users don't have the app either! And for those of you that don't know and are fortunate enough to have an iPhone....the iFruit app is a FREE ROCKSTAR app that goes along with GTA V game! Without the app...I am missing...the game manual, the ability to train Chop, and the ability to mod my cars....ON MY PHONE! when like I'm away from the xbox.....IN BED OR AT WORK OR AT THE STRIP CLUB!!!!


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does it even work for iphone yet?  i have it DL'd but haven't tried to get on it since the first week

I wouldn't mod your car itch app yet. I did on iPad and nothing changed in game, so I modded car in game.  Two days later the iPad mod went through and it took $100,000 out of bank for same mods I did in game.  Never again.

^I can't seem to get the custom plates feature working.

^ I was able to put a custom plate on my cars in SP but not online.