If you want a Razer Onza... Get the Pro Edition or maybe I'm just lucky =_=

Onza is a good controller, not just good, it's just simply a better controller than the MS ones.


The design is comfortable in your hands. The buttons are responsive like a mouse click. higher controller sticks for more precise aiming control. The sticks are perfectly centered, so no more supernatural character movement from MS controllers. Extended trigger tips for better gas and brake control in racing. The D-pad is great, unless you have really big thumbs. Over all, it's a superior controller than MS ones. With the same price, Tournament edition seems like the perfect choice for people who want a new controller.


Now my rant about the Onza TE controller...


Now, why get the Pro edition and not Tournament edition? I'm not trying to save you money. I'm trying to save you from all the hassle.


I got the tournament edition when it first came out. It worked well except a little click-y feel when I push the left controller stick up, as if the stick got stuck on something and I pushed it thru. I thought it's no big deal and kept using it. After couple weeks, the click-y feel got worse and I could hear a click sound coming from it every time I push the stick up.


I exchanged it. No big deal. Problem is the next one has other controller stick problem. On the loosest resistance setting, one of the stick feels obviously tighter in certain directions. This is just shocking and unacceptable. I exchanged again and the next one has the same problem. It was really frustrating.


I gave up and bought the Pro edition. No problem from the get go. Still using it, still no problem and still loving it. Pro edition has all the features from Tournament edition except resistance controls. I will gladly give up that resistance control for a problem-free controller any day.


Maybe I got lucky and got those one in a million bad Onza TE controllers from Razer. I am just wondering, am I the only one having this problem?


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The Onza buttons feel really sharp and responsive compared to the official controller. I prefer the shape as well. With bigger hands, it's shape fits my hands better. You should try one. Shame it's not wireless though.  

The TE is USD49.99 so that's roughly 35 euro, and the PE is USD39.99 so roughly 28 euro? The official controller, ones I can get, range from USD 29.99-49.99. So getting an Onza is actually a pretty good deal for me.


For some reason, MS controllers just weren't working for me. One out of 2, there's going to be some problem with the controllers, things like bumper not working or stick not centered...


Onza doesn't just come with 2 extra buttons if you read what I wrote XD


Like I said, maybe I'm just extremely lucky with controllers :P

Convince me why paying £15  more for two extra buttons is a good idea?



Maybe I've been extremely lucky with my controllers, but i've never once encountered any issues that would make me want to go out and pay £45 for a 3rd party controller, when i can get an official one for £29.99.  Granted, i've replaced a pad in the past, but that was down to how frequently i was using it over a prolonged period, not because it was poorly made.