If you run out of tickets but last M-Com for base is armed

Alan Kertz "I think as long as the last crate in a base is armed the game should not end."

I hope they end up doing this.


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Sounds fair but what about the defending team that brought their tickets done to 0? We'll see what happens.

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I don't know. If a defending team as worked hard to get all the tickets down and where to still lose on the last M-Com it would seem a little unfair. I hope they don't have this in BF3

The attackers should have to kill all remaining enemys on the map before the game ends, if the defenders kill all their enemies on the map they can spawn in the next M-com base.

I like this idea, a sudden death overtime sort of. I love those games that go down to the wire and you have a ticket or two left and your battling at the crate to get it armed and do it with a ticket or two left. It would be even more of a scramble to get it disarmed