If you need help, message me!

It's been awhile since I played this game. It was fun. Wasn't exactly Splinter Cell to me.

Anyway, if you need help with any achievement, any gamemode, any map (including the DLC and Third Echelon), message me and I'll give you a hand.

I'm pretty good at it too (just a little rusty). I've been able to beat every single co-op map, solo, without using a gadget or gun or shooting out lights, without alerting anyone, and kill every person hand to hand combat only.

On another note, if you are up for some SC Double Agent, let me know. I could always go for some nostalgia.


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I'd really appreciate help with this game.  I missed I when it came out and only bought it a few weeks ago. Played for the first time last night through realistic difficulty. Game was so good I beat it in one sitting, can't remember the last game I did that with.  So some bel with all the co-op stuff would be greatly appreciated. I can play, for the most part, 10am-11pm Monday - Friday EST. Just shoot me a message with what works best for you.

Hi Hellhog... I am currently playing Double Agent and I was wondering if you could help me (some hints would already do, your help online and playing with me would be fantastic - but I don't push it *lol*).

So, my problem is I am stuck at 95% overall and I can't find what I am missing to raise stealth and gadgets for the spy and direct action for the upsilon. I have seen you have completed the game and if you still remember what you did to achieve commander, I am all ears.

I still didn't start with the coop mission for the gold medals (I am playing the game with a friend and both we are trying to get commander first), but if you will ever want to join us and help it would also be great.

I really hope to hear from you because we are pretty frustrated...

Ok, problem with the Commander achievements solved. Now, I am still looking for a 3rd player who would like to join me and my friend to hit the coop missions and get the gold medals.

Send me a message/add me if you are interested. We are online everyday.