If you like FF Arcade and live in the eastern United States...

Hey guys. I'm looking for some players who enjoy Firefight Aracde and live in the eastern United States. The reason I'm looking for people from the east coast is because I tend to lag very badly in FF Arcade. Having people that live closer to my location would be the only way FF Arcade would be playable for me.


If you're wanting to know a little about me before you decide to play together, I'm 18 years old and I live in Kentucky. Hopefully I'll get some good feedback.


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I live in Washington, DC.  I am a HUGE Firfight Arcade person.  Feel free to send me a FriendRequest or a game invite.  The only time I don't play Firefight Arcade is when I'm in Matchmaking pursuing a Daily/Weekly Challenge or working on Commendations.

I LOVE firefight! It's how i got most of my credits :D. I farmed firefight from 90k up to 300k to buy my hearts.

Thanks guys, I'll send you requests now.

   I'm in the Eastern part of the United States and play Firefight all the time. Feel free to shoot me a friend request.

i'm in Connecticut. i'm down for some FF arcade.