If you got a copy early, would you wait?

     I  ask because there has been quite a few people who have gotten a copy of GoW 3 early.  Heck, I checked my friends list last Friday or Thursday & someone was in a party of 3 & they all were playing GoW3.  Yesterday, there was someone who posted on the Epic forums who not only had a copy early but had reached level 75 already.  A lot of people were mad which I don't really understand because I imagine if they had a chance to get a copy early the would as well.  So my questions is as the title says & are you mad or jealous that there are people who have the game & are leveling up?


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Nope.  I've spend ages the last while trying to get to 100 before Gears 3.    I know the gold weapons are pointless, but still.

Well I hope you make it, I imagine GoW 3 will steal a huge chuck of those playing Gow1 & 2 MP.  

Just posted about this.

I'm not mad, I kind of wish they would enforce the street date a bit better but it's not enough to upset me.  I would wait actually, if I had a copy I wouldn't start playing till the Midnight launch, it's kind of fun like Christmas a bit.

I would totally wait for the proper release date..... It's the only honorable thing to do!  :)   >    :O

There are 100s of people who get the game early legit, and there is nothing wrong with them playing it. I think what Epic is cracking down on is those who post videos of spoilers on U tube and such. This happens everytime a big game is coming out.


     From there post you could tell that there were people who were mad that the one guy got to level 75 already.  They wanted his level reset.  Could have been a mix of reasons but whatever the reasons it still doesn't make sense.  Another person's level in gears has no effect on me in any fashion, so why would i be upset? 

  Well you & scaredy squirrel are in a rare class because I know most wouldn't wait; can't even say I definitely would.

I would wait b/c i dont want to have to replay and redo things if they scrub my cheevos for playing early. Now if i got it legit because i won a contest or something. ITS GAME ON BABY!

I would only do the campain if i get mine early, and maybe a bit of beast/horde mode, but i wouldnt touch MP till tuesday or at the very least midnight tuesday.

And there is no point getting mad and people who got the game legit its hardly their fault now.