if you can't shoot, try this.

I'm not a very good shot at all, but I do consider myself a good player - taking into account objectives and team support.


But I think I finally found a setup I can shoot with. It was always the panicked recoil that would get me, and I've tried dampening it with silencers and burst firing and all the rest but I still ended up shooting somebody's feet while they plugged me in the head.


So weirdly, it's less bullets that work for me I'm finding - but GOOD bullets.


M39 EMR with a holo sight (and that's important for quick ADS - I always ADS just can't change that habit) with or without a silencer depending on how the feel of the map is going. But here's the thing, I play with it basically as an **** rifle as I'm always at the pointy end of things anyway.


And as an **** rifle it rocks baby. If you have trouble with recoil try this setup (or maybe one of the other semi-auto snipers). It's smoooooth and really effective mid-range (real short range you got your Magnum, haven't you?).


Of course long, long range sniping I wouldn't try too often, especially against a sniper with a proper scope as he will win. But if you're in the front lines and want a quick smooth killer - use this baby as an **** rifle and she may just change your game and your aim completely as I believe she's changed mine.


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Hey OP, ignore the thread highjackers, I appreciate the post.  I've run into that combo  (or just the same fing guy over and over) last night, I might take a look at it

I use it too w/ iron sights on occasion you are 100% correct good sir.

(honey mustard ftw)

I used it with irons until I unlocked the holo, good aimers I'm sure could run with it with irons and in fact I got the idea from being shot a few times by the same bloke on Gulf of Omar using it with irons.


It's my best set-up by faaaaaaar. Anyone having trouble with recoil I say again slap a suppressor on this baby and your quickest sight (holo, reflex or irons) and run with it as an assualt rifle at the pointy end of battle.


Remember the first shot at most ranges gives you 50%, then as quick as you can pull your finger to finish them off. The thing barely recoils at all. Bang, bang, bang and most times you got them while I'd be shooting at the sky with most other assault rifles, carbines or PDW's after me first burst.

And btw I've tried a few other of the semi-auto sniper rifles to see if they work as well. And they don't. This one's got the rate of fire you need... unless of course you're a head-shot honcho in which case you won't need this anyway.

lol 'the pointy end of battle'...u funny barry...sorry to hear about your brother too.

...yeah, that panic fire will get ya...you're on to something Mr Gibb...find a weapon/loadout that works for you...get comfortable and confident...then later on, you can experiment with others....we're not all 15yr old kids with too much free time....some of us older cats are too methodical for twitch shooting

Ba-na-na. Say it with me. Ba-na-na.

That's the way they taught me. Nice 3 round bursts. More accurate, less wasted ammo.

Iron sight are the only way to fly.

It's called control.

Hate to bring up COD here but I used to love the semi auto rifles of COD:2 and WaW for just that reason.

Even of the modern CODs the M14 and FAL were power houses when used right.


I like the finesse of pulling a nice 'tap tap dead' at ranges where a guy with an assault rifle would have to do two or three controlled bursts for the kill.

Plus the sniper rifles all do full suppression after one or two shots so even if you just doing pot shots you can rake up suppression assists.


My long rifle load out is the QBU-88 with PKA-3.4

SKS - Holosight, Foregrip, Suppressor / Flash Suppressor (depends on map and if you're going for true CQB). I've loved this gun since the beta. I haven't used it as much since the game came out because I don't do recon that much but when I do this is the best for me. Taking flags solo with the TUGZ out then pick it up and run on. You can engage enemies at close to medium range with excellent odds because the chest / head shots are easier to come by with the semi auto rifle. I didn't really like the EMR which is odd because it was one of the best in BC2 (as the M14 EBR).

^ That. Holo, Flash Supp and Foregrip = WIN. No recoil at all. High damage.

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