If the Bonus Content was old BF maps would you:

A) Take back everything you said bad about Premium

B) Buy Premium if you didn't but still not like it

C) Still hate it.


If you have any others, please, enlighten us with your wisdom.


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Well I don't really hate it but I;ve akready bought CQ seperately so buying Premium just to get some BC2/BC1/BFMC remakes wouldn't be very worthwhile.

One of the reasons I didn't buy Premium was because I couldn't guarantee that I'd still be playing the game when Endgame hit in 2013.  4000 MSP is a lot when you may not play the game beyond Armourd Kill.  I also have a bad habit of buying DLC that I end uo never playing - GTA: Lost and Damned, Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage, Skyrim: Dawnguard (so far), Oblivion: Mehrunes Razor, amongst others.

I have exactly 0 interest in dogtags and gun camos.  Especially now that I've stopped using the PKP.

Well, if it's Arica Harbour I'll be very happy, I don't like Atacama Desert that much but AH is a fun map to plant C4 on peep's tanks and IFV's, I had a match of giggles today just running at people straight on and planting C4. Thank the old DICE they added C4 on Recon, most OP kit ever.


Back on to reply to you, I have no interest in dog tags or camos, but the camos would be a nice addition of they actually put them on good damn guns. I know what you mean about the no DLC thing though, I got a GTA DLC (ballard of *** tony) cause everyone said that's the best DLC, and now I hardly play it.

Depends on which maps. Anything "free" is welcome I guess but I can't get excited over BC2 maps. More BF2 maps would be pretty awesome.

Still my money is that the bonus DLC will be pretty much nothing.

I have the same feeling Verteidiger... still, I'm hoping for that map Prae, Eyeball and I were playing on Rush today on BC2.  Think it was some Nelson Bay or something... was fun with the Stat MG's, etc. Oh and Arica Harbour for CQ. Now THAT was fun to C4 with Recon on. Tee Hee hee.

... C4 was better on assault... Infinite reloads

[quote user="TheTurtleClub"]

... C4 was better on assault... Infinite reloads



Only if you roll M1 or shotgun.

Assault rifles meant infinite smoke muahahaha...

Answer: ngaf

Depends on what maps. I like to see to see Road to Jalalabad and Operation Road Rage come back

E. Fap harder, if it was maps only a few knew about like these two. They look like they would be interesting.

Iron Gator

Devil's Perch

And I found some top down view of Operation Road Rage, that looks like a blast.

Operation Road Rage

as much as i dont like it, im expecting the bonus content to be something that 90% of players will consider below par but something that EA/DICE will herald as the second-coming.

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