If it werent for SEGA and CAPCOM...

The Xbox Live marketplace feels like walking through a ghost town of late with very few arcade titles being released.Theres been a handful of titles in the past 12 months but nothing like it  used to be..Every Wednsday morning I couldnt wait to turn on my xbox to see all the new arcade games.I havent felt that in a while. The only ones who seem to care about getting games to the marketplace are Sega and Capcom.It seems they are unloading their entire libraries on us which is fine with me because Sonic is still cool and its nice to know SOMEONE  still cares about us humble market dwellers.Have developers moved on to the next gen already?Or have they jumped ship to the rival console?And can we expect a Sega vs.Capcom game soon or a Sonic themed special edition 360?


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Nah, devs moved on to PC. Go to Steam or Desura if you want indie games.

I cant yet.I still have 53 more Sonic games yet to download.

If you own a 3DS Project X Zone is coming out its, Capcom vs. Sega (Along with a few other companies).

I have to agree...i have noticed most arcade games released now look like Indie games...but for an full arcade price...

3 released this week so not sure why you think not many have been releasing. There's been at least 1-2 releases a week.

January didnt have much.