If it aint bacon!

Usually im the grumpiest person in the morning unless someones handing me bacon but this was a nice thing to wake up to in the morning :D 


i tried to insert the picture but it didnt like it for some reason


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Mmmm Bacon  :)

Love the Smell of bacon in a mornin .

Mmmmm crispy goodness.

That is so sweet. Who gave it to you?

I had a bacon barm this morn for breki, It was yum... Even better tho igot a voucher out newspaper so it was Free from Greggs Bakery :)

I bought a cpl of those controllers, still looking for the Red ones.

Skyrim huh.....people seem to be enjoying as much as Bacon....mmmm~mmmm just had some on my Burger :p

Skyrim can't beat bacon though. :P