If i have LOTS of cars in my garage, will it slow the loading process?

Lets say i have 150 cars fully customized in my garage. Will this slow the overall loading process? I downloaded the game to my HD.


When i try to save pictures it says that my save file is corrupt and to delete it from xbox dashboard. Why?! help!



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Wish I could help, doesn't sound good. Maybe someone else knows a better answer than delete your saved game and start over. Try clearing your cache? Not looking good, sorry.

Go to Forza.net and go to the forums and sub forum- Forza general discussion. You will find an answer there for your pictures not working question. For your First question, no having alot of cars will not bog your game down, all the cars are stored on your drive or on disc. Basically, you have all the cars at any point and time you just own the ones you own. You only load one tune and paint scheme per race, so no it doesn't bog your game down.(figured I'd explain in more detail) hope this helps.

still though stab :-(

Thats good to hear that you can have unlimited cars :) thanks

The only thing I've noticed taking an abnormally long time to load after gathering a decent sized collection is the vinyl groups, designs, replays and photos.