If I had a choice between playing any Call of Duty game or watching Peewees Playhouse...

I would choose Peewees .


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Couldn't you just do both at the same time?

i have no idea what peewees is but if thats the case why have you got mw1 and 2 and black ops on your games list?

and coming from a brink fan like you does it really mean anything anyway?

I kinda miss when Azure Influx would try to troll the CoD forums. I remember at one point he said CoD is too easy and that he's better than me at BF. Haha. He's played 4x as much as me (20+ days), and my K/D, SPM, W/L, Skill (200 vs his 166, lol) are all much better.  Kinda funneh..

i remember when he trolled the brink forums defending that poor excuse for a game and he still hasn`t finished that game yet either,it took me about 3 days to 1250gs and i hated the game.

I'm a bit confused... Pee Wee's Playhouse was actually a pretty funny show.   Shouldn't you have chosen something really boring as your "other than" choice?

Smells like a flame thread. Locking.